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Product Details :

  • Automated, semi-automatic, and manual batching controllers as well as custom-tailored material transfer control strategies to meet specific needs.
  • Fast, accurate, and always reliable, our controllers can be combined with high performance scale bases, weigh modules, or measuring cells to provide the complete solution for any batching application.
  • The design and performance of this batching solution is based on the sector-specific requirements.

The pneuCONVEYOR- Batch-Weigh consists of a receiving hopper designed to suit the application, a hopper slide gate to contain the batch quantity, load cells, and the heart of the system, the control panel. The controls incorporate the latest electronic technology in AC Inverter drives and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s). Addressing the system is simply a push of a button on the front panel mounted keypad, with assistance through a menu-oriented LCD display. Weighing accuracies of greater than 99% of full scale are typical with the Batch-Weigh. Components are selected to suit any operating environment, including explosion hazard areas.

In a formulation of a typical batch, many processes are required but the fundamental one is that of creating a mechanism to bought together precise quantities of different kinds of ingredients to make up a specific batch or formula. Which further involves metering materials individually into a weigh hopper, using a metering device such as a screw feeder, air lock or butterfly valve etc.

In addition of this, through years of experience pneuCONVEYOR – has developed an unique kind of scale control package which has been designed specifically for bulk materials. Since different kinds of ingredients have varying speed, it can be fast or slow so to formulate a specific kind of batch with accuracy; we have developed automatic target weigh set, with auto log feature.

Further on this, we have also developed much required customized multiple weigh hoppers, loss of weigh feeders especially we have designed an efficient liquid addition scale systems to make simple the whole process of batch formulating. The electronic batching controls which we are manufacturing currently have been custom designed for ease of operation and to provide a much needed flexibility of utilization. So, in nut shell, we are providing multitude of options to our clients, as far as batching systems are concerned. And if you are searching for a genuine supplier of top quality batching systems which predominantly include weigh batching systems which falls in the purview of a fully fledged batching system then only we manufacture / supply this on such a large scale and provide this to our customers at very competitive rates.

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